Employment & Career Services

"I really enjoyed the hands-on, practical training. The staff at Broadview University have been very helpful. They go out of their way to help every student and encourage them every step of the way. They have shown me that they really do care!"

~ Lina Okazaki, 2011 Business Administration Graduate

Broadview University has been providing valuable higher education for over 30 years. We have grown and changed along with the communities we serve, but we have retained the same commitment to students, alumni, employers and people seeking positions at our school.

To learn more about career services, employment at our school, or services for employers contact a campus near you.

Career services for students and graduates

At Broadview University, our number one focus is to help students on the path to fulfilling careers. It is the job of our career services department to help current students and alumni find job opportunities and prepare for interviews. Learn more:

Employment at Broadview University

Looking for employment within an organization that cares? Broadview University offers many benefits to employees. Learn more about employment opportunities at Broadview University.

Information for Employers

Broadview University is committed to building relationships with employers throughout the communities we serve. Learn more about how we work with employers External Link Image like you.

Contact us today

Broadview University is committed to helping students and employers connect in mutually beneficial ways. Call 1-877-480-3335 today to learn more, or request additional information online.