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Creative Arts

Tap into Your Imagination

Let your creativity flow with a degree in the creative arts.

Whether your passion is music, film, the entertainment industry or conveying ideas through visual platforms, you can get the training you need with a degree in the creative arts.

Our comprehensive programs are aimed at fostering your creative side and giving you the technical expertise you need to land an entry-level job in your chosen field. The programs, offered through our affiliate school, Broadview Entertainment Arts University, can help you connect with other creatives and learn from instructors with industry experience. Our hands-on classroom experiences can prepare you for an exciting career, as well as giving you the ability to apply your skills and help people in your community. 

Visual Design BFA

  •  Use your love of the arts to earn a degree 
  •  Prepare for entry-level positions in film, theater, video gaming, commercial art, graphic design and marketing
  • Learn from instructors with industry connections
  •  Specialize in a specific aspect of the profession
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Digital Film

  •  Learn the ins and outs of visual storytelling
  •  Get training in every aspect of the filmmaking process
  •  Earn a degree in as few as two years with full-time, year-round study
  •  Get a strong foundation in strong foundation in pre-production, production and post-production
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Graphic Design

  •  Learn how to create powerful visual messages
  •  Discover the meaning behind colors, fonts and styles
  •  Merge your creativity with technical know-how
  •  Prepare for a career in a variety of settings, including visual departments, ad agencies and art studios
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Professional Audio Engineering

  •  Learn about modern production tools and distribution platforms
  •  Earn a degree in as few as two years with full-time, year-round study
  •  Find out how to run a studio console
  •  Learn analog and digital recording, editing and mixing techniques
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