Credit for Prior Learning

Transfer Students and Credits Welcome

For many students, finding the right college can be a matter of trial and error. Some start at one college only to find that it is not the right fit or time in their life. At Broadview University, we believe you deserve a new start without starting over. Our goal is to provide you a quality, hands-on education that will lead to a rewarding career. And we may be able to save you some time and money in the process.

We think you deserve credit for what you have already accomplished. That is why in the last five years* we have accepted credits from more than 451 other institutions.

For those transferring credits in, that’s an average of:

  • 23 credits transferred**
  • $9,750 in tuition costs saved†
  • Six months in repeated or similar coursework saved‡

Broadview University recognizes that many students bring valuable knowledge and experience to our school. Some of these students may be eligible to receive credit for prior college coursework or professional work experience. Service members may also be eligible to receive credit for military training.

Learn more about credit for previous college or professional experience. Call 1-877-480-3335 today.

Don’t Pay for Credit You’ve Already Earned

One of the benefits of going to Broadview University is that we do not charge for credits received through prior learning or work experience. This allows eligible students to complete their degrees faster and for less money. Students interested in this benefit should discuss the application process with the campus dean.

Credit for Military Training

Service members and veterans who attend Broadview University may qualify to receive credit for military experience. Credit is granted upon review of military transcripts, following the recommendations of American Council on Education (ACE). Contact our military student services department at 1-877-410-0475 to learn more about requesting transcripts.

Articulation Agreements

Broadview University has articulation agreements with the following schools:

  • University of Phoenix (Utah campuses only)
  • Kaplan
  • National American University

Articulation agreements indicate that a student can take credits earned at Broadview and be eligible for credits at one of the institutions listed above.

Call Today

Broadview University values the experience all students bring to our school. Call 1-877-480-3335 today to learn more about our transfer credit policies, or request information online.

*Transfer credits awarded to students beginning at Broadview University during the 2008-09 through 2012-13 academic years.
**Average number of credits received by students who were awarded transfer credit at Broadview University during the 2008-09 through 2012-13 academic years.
†Average value for students who were awarded transfer credit at Broadview University’s current full-time tuition rate during the 2008-09 through 2012-13 academic years.
‡Average time saved for students who were awarded transfer credit in the academic years 2008-09 through 2012-13 assuming 15 credits per quarter.