Scholarship Opportunities

Broadview University offers several scholarships to help eligible students pay for the costs of their college education. Our financial aid managers will help you determine if you qualify for any of these opportunities and guide you through the application process.

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Information on scholarships

  • Business Alliance Scholarship. This program awards 10% of the cost of tuition (up to $5,000) to students whose employers are Business Alliance partners with Broadview University.
  • Professional Certification Scholarship. This scholarship reimburses students for the cost of specific certification examinations.
  • Medical Assistant Certification Scholarship. Awards a reduced $300/quarter-hour tuition rate to eligible medical assistants who are employed and wish to take MA286 CMA Review with the intent of sitting for and passing the AAMA Certification Exam.
  • GEN Matching Scholarship. This program doubles the value of certain scholarships awarded by businesses, civic organizations and other organizations, up to $1,000 per year.
  • Peace/Police Officer Scholarship. Current or retired police officers enrolled in the associate/bachelor’s in criminal justice or master's of science in management (criminal justice emphasis) programs may be eligible for the scholarship of between $640 and $1080 based on credit load.
  • High school scholarships. We offer several  scholarships and special programs for high school seniors and recent graduates.
  • Military scholarships. These scholarships are intended for military personnel, their spouses and dependents.
  • Community Service Scholarship. Broadview University awards this scholarship to a student who demonstrates a commitment to serving the community.
  • Educational User Experience (edUX) Scholarship. Full-time students maybe eligible for an award that helps fund the cost of an iPad.
  • Senior Citizen Scholarship. If you are age 62 and over, you may take up to 4 courses tuition-free—one course per quarter.
  • GEN Workforce Scholarship. Recipients are eligible for a $480 scholarship for each quarter they are awarded funds from a workforce center.

Take the next step

Apply online for a particular scholarship, or request more information. You can also call us directly to ask any questions about these opportunities—call 1-877-480-3335 today.