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3 Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer

By Ashtyn Creel

Do you enjoy exercising and staying in shape? If so, you might want to consider Personal Trainera career as a personal trainer.

With a passion for fitness and an ability to motivate people, you can enjoy a flexible schedule while helping others become more flexible. From public gyms to private homes, personal trainers work with a variety of clients in all different types of settings.

Are you ready to jump start your personal training career? It’s 
no sweat! Below are three steps necessary to becoming a personal trainer.

1. Education and certification

degree in health fitness will not only equip you with knowledge of all things health and fitness, but it will also teach you how to turn your education into a thriving business. Colleges offer associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in health fitness. Naturally, the more education you have, the better chance you have of landing your dream job.

Another crucial step toward becoming a personal trainer is
certification. There are several options available for personal trainers looking to get certified, namely a Personal Trainer Certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Although this is what many employers prefer, there are a variety of other options available and your college should be able to assist you in getting certified.

2. Specialization

Many personal trainers build their business around a specialty because it helps them tailor their marketing efforts to a certain population. 

Types of client population specialities:
  • Youth training
  • Senior training
  • Pregnancy training
  • Athletic training
Types of fitness specialities:
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle growth
  • Core training
  • Sports training
3. Spread the word

Without clients, your personal training business would be pretty lonely. This is why self-promotion is so important. Personal trainers are typically the only people responsible for finding and maintaining their own clients. Through marketing techniques such as word-of-mouth and offering services to people you already know at no charge, you'll expand your client list in no time.

Additional marketing tactics:

  • Create a professional online presence on a variety of social media platforms
  • Attend social networking events
  • Attend local and industry-related trade shows
  • Print and distribute professional business cards
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal trainers are in high demand. With a job outlook of 24 percent growth projected from 2010-2020, personal training careers are only gaining momentum. By taking just a few easy steps, you will be well on your way to reaching the finish line as a personal trainer.

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